According to James Bradford Richmond Walker, an early Genealogist of the Walker Family and ordained minister, the first Walker's to come to America were James and Sarah (Sarra) Walker, the son and daughter-in-law of the "Widow Walker".

According to The Original Lists of Persons of Quality published by John Camden Hotten, 1874; they left London in 1635. They were indentured as servants to John Brown.

Evidence that became available later indicates Robert Walker and Sarah Leager preceded this couple by five years, traveling with The Winthrop & Company, fleet of 1630. They are listed on the ships manifest.

Recent DNA evidence suggests that Robert Walker, of Boston and James Walker, of Taunton were closely related. They were only 13 years apart in age. Robert was born in 1607, James in 1620.

We hope that further research, both genetic and traditional will help us discover who the "Widow Walker" was and how she was related to Robert Walker.