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Walker Family Reunion 1914 - Menan, Idaho

In honor of the Old People - Menan, Idaho - Aug, 5 1914Photo States: In Honor of the Old People - Menan, Ida - Aug 5, 1914 (Anderson Photo)

2010 Annual Newsletter

This year marks another milestone for the John Walker Family Organization. We embarked on a fundamental shift in the way we serve you and are excited to share our plans. First is our focus on original historic documentation. Second is our manner of communication, emphasizing social media. And third is publishing, both in traditional print and electronic formats, to provide you better access to information.

No one has felt the changing technology landscape more than we have. Family search, while no longer new to many of you, has fundamentally changed where we focus our efforts. Social media is changing how we communicate in a one-to-many fashion. And search optimization is helping more of you find us online, and more importantly finding relevant information you want online.


2009-10 Monthly Newsletter

The New Family Search and How It Changes Everything... well almost everythingImage

I recently became a Family History Consultant in our ward and eagerly waited for access to the New Family Search to be assigned. We are in a test area which requires advance approval and I was excited about the sneak preview.

I watched the Introduction with interest, it explained how the Church combined its core Genealogy Records, namely the Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource Files, The International Genealogical Index, Church Records, and Church Temple Records into one massive data base.


2009-09 Monthly Newsletter

Thanks to those of you who took time to respond to our recent survey. The results were insightful and will help us focus on those things that most interest you. While not a scientific survey, your input and especially additional comments provide unique insite as to how we can better server your interests.

I have summarrized the results below and wanted to share the highlights. Your feedback is so valuable and appreciated. 


2009-08 Monthly Newsletter

Dear Family,

Ten years ago this month, I assumed a leadership role in the John Walker Family Organization at the Reunion held in Nauvoo, IL. This eventually led to additional opportunities, most recently taking on the role of Executive Director at the passing of Rodney Walker .

This month I would like to share my thoughts on the current state of the Family Organization and to invite your comments about the next ten years, and beyond. 


2008-11 Monthy Newsletter

Dear Family,

Have you ever had a great idea, only to discover that someone else beat you to it? Perhaps it was an invention that became enormously popular, that you thought of first. Well, I recently had that experience and wanted to share the idea with you. Not because it will make me rich or famous, but because it’s a great idea you will enjoy.


Here’s the idea, it’s called Genetree. If you want to skip right to the link go here and watch the video. If you are still a little fuzzy, then read on.


2008-04 Monthly Newsletter


Recently I wrote about my foray into DNA based Genealogy. It has been quite an interesting journey and I thought those of you who have not ventured thus might appreciate the insight. Those of you, perhaps in large numbers, who have already figured it out… feel free to jump in and keep me straight. It is not a simple subject to understand.

I have actually submitted tests to all of the following DNA testing providers and my experience with them has been quite varied. If you want a simple recommendation, I would have to go with FamilyTreeDNA. But if you want the gory details, read on…

The four providers I tested are:

 Provider  Website Cost
 ImageFamily Tree DNA$149 - $549 
 ImageDNA$149 - $239 $149 - $179

Please understand as stated in my previous article and as is often cited. There is no free lunch. These tests all cost a significant amount and measure very different things. Know what it is you are looking for before you buy. In other words know which kind of test you need, what your goal is in testing, and how you plan to utilize the results. *In the case of the SMGF test, you will receive no test results back directly.