Robert Walker was born 1607 in Manchester, England. He was indentured to the Winthrop Co. and arrived in America in 1630. He became a 'freeman" in 1634, married Sarah Leager, and settled in Boston, MA.

Robert Walker, insofar as we can determine was the first individual with the Walker surname in the new world. One of his direct descendants is John Walker, the subject of this website.


Line of Descent   Evidence
Robert Walker of Boston & Manchester, married
Sarah Leager
  Record of Birth, City of Boston, Mass,3 Certificate No. 8984 D, discloses that Robert and Sarah had son Zachariah. Letters of Administration and Bond in the Matter of the Estate of Robert Walker, discloses Sarah as his widow.
Rev. Zechariah Walker married Mary Prudden   Records of First Congregational Church of Woodbury, Conn., and Agreement for Distribution in the Estate of Rev. Zeohariah, Case No. 6639 Fairfield, Conn., Probate District. These documents disclose that Rev. Zechariah had son Dea. Zechariah.
Deacon Zechariah Walker married Elizabeth Minor   Records of First Congregational Church, page 19, Last Will and Codicil of Dea. Zechariah Walker, original filed in Conn. State Library, Case No. 4735. These documents prove Deacon Zechariah had son Capt. Timothy.
Captain Timothy Walker married Sarah Judson   Records of First Congregational Church, Woodbury, page 70, christening record discloses that Capt. Timothy and Sarah his wife had son Joseph Walker, as does also the Vital Records (Births) of Woodbury
Joseph Walker, married Elizabeth Martin, of Woodbury, Conn, & Peacham, Vermont   Records of First Congregational Church, Woodbury, Conn., page 116, discloses that Joseph had son Simeon Walker, in record of baptism or christening.
Simeon Walker, married Mary Miner, resident of Woodbury, Conn., and Peacham Vermont   Records of Congregational Church of Peacham, Vermont, page 129 christening or
baptism record discloses that Simeon and Mary had son John Walker
John Walker, married Lydia Holmes resident of Peacham, Vermont and the State of Utah.    
Noel C. Stevenson (Signed August 23, 1949)   This is to certify that I have personally examined the record sources mentioned above, and that according to the records so examined, the foregoing pedigree or line of descent is true and correct.
Darlene Bishop, Notary Public of Sutter County, CA   Subscribed and sworn to before this 23rd day of August, 1949

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