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Who were the first Walker's to come to America?

According to James Bradford Richmond Walker, an early Genealogist of the Walker Family and ordained minister, the first Walker's to come to America were James and Sarah (Sarra) Walker, the son and daughter-in-law of the "Widow Walker".


"WIDOW WALKER" Of Rehoboth, Mass.

She was one of the first purchasers and proprietors of the town of Rehoboth or Seacunk, now Seekonk, and one of the company who first settled there. Her name is in the list of those who in 1643 gave in the value of their estates, for a pro rata division of the lands. Hers was £50. In the division made June 31, 1644, she had a share, and lots were assigned her in several divisions afterward, as in drawing for the Great Plain, and on the 18th of 12 mo. (Feb.) 1646, for the new Meadow.

Her name then disappears.


James & Sarah Walker

Widow Walker had two children who preceeded her to the new world. James (age 15) and Sarah (age 17) were listed as Servants to John Browne. They travelled on the Ship Elizabeth which left London in April 1635 for Massachusetts. Also on the ship were two other Walker's: Richard (age 24) and William (age 15)


Robert Walker and Sarah Leager

Were these the first Walker immigrants to the new world?