I am John Walker

I am John Walker, son of Simeon and Mary (Miner) Walker. I was born 20 June 1794 at Peacham, Calendoina, Vermont. My father was a soldier during the American Revolutionary War and moved from Woodbury, Connecticut  to Peacham Vermont  in 1780.


John Walker b 20 Jun 1794


I married Lydia Holmes on 8 April 1819 at Peacham Vermont. Lydia was born 18 April 1800 at Falmounth, Maine to William and Lydia (Adams) Holmes. In the Spring of 1832, I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My wife and family did not agree. Soon thereafter I went to Stanstead Plain, CT where I had charge of a large manufacturing company putting in improved machinery and helping all I could in the Church there.

During my absence, Lydia made a diligent and thorough investigation of Mormonism which resulted in her conversion. After I returned home in 1834, our family left for Ogdensburg, NY where we stayed for a while.

In the Spring of 1838 we left for Western Missouri.