Henry Walker, was born 18 May 1830 at Peacham, VT. he was the sixth of ten children born to John Walker and Lydia Holmes. His life was short, living only 36 years. Sadly we have next to no information about his life, his travels, his family, and his eventual early death in Woodbridge, CA on 6 Feb 1866.
Consider these few facts:

When Henry was 2 yrs old, his father joined the "Mormon" church.
When Henry was 4 yrs old, the family moved from Peacham, VT to Ogdensburg, NY.
When Henry was 8 yrs old, his father was wounded at Hauns Mill near Far West, MO.
When Henry was 12 yrs old, his mother died in Nauvoo, IL.
When Henry was 13 yrs old, his sister, younger by 4 yrs, died in Nauvoo, IL
When Henry was 14 yrs old, the Prophet Joseph Smith was murdered.
When Henry was 16 yrs old, his family was driven from Nauvoo and migrated West.
When Henry was 18 yrs old, he was living with his brother Edwin, in Farmington, Utah.
When Henry was 36 yrs old, on 6 Feb 1866, he died at Woodbridge, CA.

The only other concrete evidence of Henry is in the U.S. Census of Utah 1851, Davis County p.106.
Here it lists Henry living with his brother and Sister-in-law Edwin & Sarah and was "married within the year"
He is also listed there ins the 1850 Census - Davis County, Davis, Utah Territory, United States
The family organization is very interested in any information about Henry, his family, his life, and especially his descendants. Any contributions would be so very appreciated.