Ordination to High Priest and Patriarch

Ordination of Wm H. Walker

Salt Lake City May 20, 1892

Under the direction of President Wilford Woodruff Elder Wm H Walker a seventy, was ordained a High Priest, and a Patriarch under the hands of Presidents George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith, the latter being Spokesman, as follows,

Bro. Wm H Walker we the servants of God lay our hands upon your head by the Authority and Power of the Holy Priesthood and Apostleship in us vested and Ordain you a High Priest, in the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latterday Saints, and we also ordain you a Patriarch and set you apart to act in this the Salt lake Stake of Zion and we confer upon you all the keys, rights, power, and authority pertaining to this Holy Priesthood and calling. You are not called to travel abroad, to bestow Patriarchal Blessings, except in this Stake of Zion; but where ever you are, you are authorized to confer Patriarchal Blessings upon all those that desire or request you to do so, and especially to Bless your family. We ask God to bless you with the inspiration of the spirit to enable you to determine the Lineage of those whom you Bless. We seal upon you all these blessings, in the name of Jesus Christ and by the Authority of the Holy Priesthood


Joseph F. Smith