The National Reunion - John Walker Family

John Walker, born 1794, in Peacham, Vermont was a direct descendant of Robert Walker, born 1607, near Manchester, England. Robert is believed to be the first person with the Walker surname to arrive in the America's via the Winthrop Fleet of 1630. The John Walker Family Organization, through various volunteer efforts attempts to document the Walker Family as we organize reunions, encourage publications, and maintain this website. We invite all descendants, relatives of any kind, and other interested parties to attend the National Reunion to be held in Brigham City, Utah on August 28-30, 2020.

This reunion is also the 200th Birthday of William Holmes Walker, the eldest son of John Walker, and we're having a birthday celebration on the opening night of the reunion. All are invited!

The reunion will be structured to accommodate the widest possible range of budgets. Most of the activities are free of charge (upon registration) and children are welcome. Meals and optional excursions will be offered at cost. An entire reunion package will be provided for those with the means to support both the reunion cost and as a fundraiser for the organization. 

Details about the agenda are still under review, but we have reserved the meeting and hotel facilities. The activities planned may be adjusted based upon the number of attendees, but the guiding principle is first come first served. Accordingly, we ask you to consider making your reservations early.

Online registration will begin on February 1, 2020 and all reservations, tickets, and documents, such as maps, agendas, guides, and last minute notices will be provided online (to the extent possible). We will utilize our Facebook page, Instagram, a profession event planning portal, and this website to share information. Please subscribe to the reunion email service to receive monthly updates.

We are in need of volunteers of all kinds, please do not hesitate to offer your help - in any form. Be assured that the days of arm twisting or "guilting" family members into taking on Family Organization responsibilites is long past. We want those attending to come and enjoy the opportunity to reconnect, collaborate, and celebrate our heritage.

The following activities are in the works, we're still sorting out logistics (let us know if you can lend a hand):

  • Branch Reports: Historic summaries of each of the descendants of John Walker's children. 
    • Although we're celebrating William Holmes Walker's 200th birthday, we would like to have a greater degree of participation from the other family lines.
  • Excursions: Site visits to as many historic sites as possible.   
    • Buildings, cemeteries, and historic sites significant to the various siblings located within a reasonable drive. 
  • Local Food : Utah's Famous Fruit Way will provides a smorgasboard of local food
    •  We'll have plenty of food options - local eateries, caterers, and prepared on site options
  • Historic Tours: Brigham City has one of America's most beautiful historic downtowns
    • We'll have an interesting walking tour and an optional driving tour of the local bird refuge 
  • Entertainment: Here's looking at you kids! 
    • Music acts, poetry, storytelling, and theatrics - please come prepared to share. 
  • Mix and Mingle Activities: We'll have a variety of activities that will allow you to mix and mingle
    • A Farmers Market, Square Dancing, great local museums, and a walkable downtown with amazing shops

Please use the contact us form on this site to volunteer or call 801-452-7967. If you are a Facebook User, please follow our page

We'll have an online registration and event management system up by mid January. Keep checking back.