Manchester CathedralAt this point in time, the Walker line is traced easily to Robert Walker, our first ancestor who brought the family name out of Manchester England in the early 1600's.  Beyond Robert, it becomes difficult to know with certainty about our Walker Ancestry. 

In England

In family and Church records alike, a Mr. Walker is mentioned, the earliest dated Walker ancestor on record. Little is known about where he came from, how he lived, and so on.
It is known that this Mr. Walker of the parish of Manchester had two sons and a daughter (along with the only dates known about them):

• Thomas, of Higher Ardwick, buried February 26, 1611/12
• Robert, of Droylsden, buried December 30, 1623
• Anne Walker, married August 3, 1597 (to Robert Harrison, a linen webster), buried January 17, 1644/5

To each of these brothers was born a son named Robert (referred to hereafter as “Robert of Boston” to avoid confusion), one traced with church records and the other via a last will and testament. The traditional view places Robert of Boston’s birth at about 1607 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. Later in his life, after moving to America, Robert of Boston signed affidavits claiming the following facts, which are essential to this research:

1. That he was a “Linnen webster”
2. That he was about 72 years of age (putting his birth year at around 1607)
3. That he was “about 56 years since, living with his father in the town of Manchester in Lancashire within the Realme of England” (or that he lived with his father until he was 16, putting the year at 1623)

Based on his age at the time of this statement, Robert would have been 16 in 1623. Because he was a member of the yeoman class, he would have stayed near his birthplace until at least that age based on the limited mobility of the class. While other statements place his birth in 1601, creating some confusion, there are only two reasonable scenarios that trace Robert of Boston’s roots.


  Father - John Walker 1794-18  Mother - Lydia Holmes 17??-1841  

Lorin Walker

Lucy Walker

 William Holmes Walker 1820 - 191? Lorin Walker 182? Catherine Walker Lucy Walker

Mary Electa Walker

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 Edwin Walker  Henry Walker  Jane Walker John Walker

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Hyrum Alonzo

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