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Resolution 2007-03 Organizational Changes

Changes in leadership were due in 2007, but with no Board Meetings or reunions scheduled, we instead conducted our first web based governing action. With substantila participation you approved the following resolution:


Dues Policy

Annual dues are $10.00 per household.

Membership dues are the primary source of funding the services you are using. We operate on the assumption that those who can will pay, and those who cannot now, will pay sometime in the future. We ask that you consider the value of the information on this website and what it costs to produce. Here are a few benefits of a paid membership... 


Ten Volunteer Opportunities

Many of you have asked how you can help so we created our Top Ten Volunteer opportunities. They generally start small and get bigger. If there is any one of these tasks you could take on, even for a short while, it would be so appreciated.


1 Mailing list administration   
     Removing junk emails
     Removing old emails
     Adding new emails
     Change email requests
2 Email Review - List Servers  
     Open messages
     Search for relevant information
3 Book Digitization   
     Scan Pages
     OCR - Convert to Text & Edit
Book Research   
     John Walker Book
5 Financial Oversight  
     Reconcile Checkbook
6 IRS Tax Compliance   
     Annual Filings
     501C Exemption Status retention
7 Mailing lists maintenance   
     Verify each mailing address
8 Annual Newsletter   
     Create Newsletter
     Mail Newsletter
9 Plan Reunion   
     Plan & promote 2010 Reunion
10 Rodney Walker Archive Project  
     Sort through Archives
     Scan & Index Material


IRS Exemption Information

I found this article relative to family organizations [The Ensign, August 1972, p. 80],  about a ruling of the Internal Revenue Service. It is important to note that our purpose needs to remain focused on genealogical research and that such genealogical research must be for a religious purpose.