Changes in leadership were due in 2007, but with no Board Meetings or reunions scheduled, we instead conducted our first web based governing action. With substantila participation you approved the following resolution:

Resolution 2007-03 for the John Walker Family Organization: Principles of Governance

Whereas: The John Walker Family Organization can no longer govern itself using practices adopted decades ago, and…

Whereas: The governance of this organization has become unduly burdensome on the few individuals who attempt to manage it, and…

Whereas: The organization truly exists as a result of decades of selfless service by Rodney Wilson Walker, therefore….

Resolved: That Rodney Wilson Walker be named the President of the John Walker Family Organization in an honorary position for the remainder of his life, or until he resigns there from.

Resolved: That David Ray Walker be named as an interim Executive Director of the John Walker Family Organization, serving in a voluntary manner until a regularly appointed Executive Director can be found.

Resolved: That the regularly appointed Executive Director be a salaried position with authority to manage the affairs of the John Walker Family Organization, including the traditional roles of fundraising, contracting, and managing the organizations affairs.

Resolved: That all Board Members and officers now constituted who no longer wish to serve, be released with a vote of thanks; and that any and all family members who have an interest in participating in the family organization be appointed as Board Members with oversight of key areas within the family organization.

And that the family website becomes the vehicle by which, in a democratic way, the affairs of this organization are directed, monitored, and managed.

This resolution passed unanimously byt those who voted and the Constitution and Bylaws will be modified and presented accordingly.