Baptism Record for Simeon Walker
January 11, 1756
First Congregational Church of Woodbury, Connecticut
Originals at Connecticut State Library in Hartford, CT
Family History Library in Salt Lake City film #6182

Both the first and second editions of "Ancestry and Descendants of John Walker  show  Simeon Walker's date of baptism  as 11 Jan 1755-56.   It looks as though there is some confusion about the double dating that was used for dates that occurred between January 1 and March 24, prior to the calendar change in 1752.   Prior to the calendar change, dates that occurred between January 1st and March 24 were written as double dates, such as 1731/32. The system of using double dating stopped in 1752 - Simeon was baptized long after that.

It is clear that Simeon Walker's baptism occurred on 11 January 1756.   Perhaps the confusion comes from the page in the church records where his baptism is recorded.  At the top of the page is clearly written 1755  6.    The recorder is not using double dating here,  just showing that baptisms on that particular page occurred both in 1755 and 1756. 


Every family has its traditions handed down from father to son, especially if the family has remained in the same community for several generations or, as sometimes happens, in the same homestead. A favorite tale of my childhood was of this sort; the experience of my great grandfather, Simeon Walker in the War of 1812. This family legend was told to me over and over by my father, and sometimes, by an old neighbor (George Gould) who as a boy, had known my great grandfather as one of the "characters" of the town.

When a youth, Great-grandfather Walker had fought in the War of 1812, as I have said. To this circumstance was due the romance with which, in my childish eyes, he was surrounded. He took part in several engagements, the bloody battle of Chateaugay Woods being one of them. It was during this skirmish, distasterous as it was for the American forces, that he had the following experience.

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