The following timeline is from the book entitled From England to Boston: A Biographical Sketch of Robert Walker and Sarah Leager Walkerby Brett C. Walker

Manchester Cathedral
  • 1607/07 Robert Walker born in Manchester, Lancashire, England
  • 1612 Sarah Leager born
  • 1623 Robert began an apprenticeship as a linen weaver
  • 1629 Robert completed his apprenticeship and married Sarah Leager in England
  • 1630 They join the Puritan fleet led by John Winthrop and sail to America, landing in Salem, MA
  • 1631 They moved to Boston
  • 1632 Robert became 131st member of the First Church in Boston
  • 1634 Robert became a freeman
  • 1669 Robert co-founded the Third Church in Boston (Old South Church) - Sara is co-founder
  • 1687 Robert died of a stroke at age 80 in Boston, MA
  • 1695 Sarah died at 83 in Boston, MA

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